Month: February 2016

Essential Hand Tools for a Well-Equipped Garage


Being a handy man and a Do It Yourself type of person provides a sense of accomplishment and pride that’s hard to find anywhere else. Working on your own car is for most people an odd thing, for others a necessity while for some it equals extreme fun and pleasure. Whether you are sticking to […]

Infographic: The cinematic history of the Shelby Mustang


There’s no denying Mustangs are one of the top head-spinners and it comes to no surprise they’ve been on our big screens. From talking companions to fully armoured death machines we’ve put together some of the most iconic Mustangs to date.   The cinematic history of the Shelby Mustang [Infographic] by the team at deagostini

Clearing the Confusion about Fuel Treatment Products and Premium Gas

less fuel

When you’re in doubt about what fuel to use for your car, then it’s always a pretty safe bet to consult the car manual. This holds true when you’re choosing the fuel to use and deciding whether you need fuel treatment products. Sometimes you need premium gasoline and in other cases you don’t. You may […]

Fury on Four Wheels: Surefire Ways to Tell If You’re an Aggressive Driver


Aggressive driving is a huge cause of accidents on our roads. But did you know that you could be an aggressive driver without even realizing it? It’s easy to see aggression in other road users, but it is often difficult to spot signs of aggression in your own driving. Here are some surefire ways to tell […]

Should The Seat Leon Be Your Next Car?

When we think about car manufacturers, our minds tend to drift towards a few well-known ‘big’ names. You’ve got Ford, Mercedes, BMW, Volkswagen, Toyota, etc. But, there’s one Spanish manufacturer that’s starting to make a big name for itself. Seat are based in the Mediterranean and have started making great strides in the automobile industry. […]

The Best Land Rover Models Of All-Time


Since 1948, Land Rover has become a household name across the world. In this time, the brand has gone on to spawn various different variations, such as the Discovery. These vehicles have been used for a variety of purposes. Even the military got their hands on them! Throughout this time, there have been a select […]

Finding The Right Luxury Car For You


When you are thinking about getting a luxury car, there can be lots of things to consider. For example, ask yourself why you are getting one. Is it to replace something that has become a bit stale? Is it time for a safety feature upgrade due to a growing family? It may be that you […]

3 Practical Cars To Watch In 2016


2015’s been and gone, and has offered us a fair share of great vehicles. The Nissan Juke showed us a new angle on SUV crossovers. The Chevrolet Impala and the Honda Accord both rose the bar for large sedans. As great as these models are, it’s time to look into the future. Several manufacturers have […]

What Is This Year’s Best Mega-hatch?

It seems that the latest trend in the automotive industry is the mega-hatch: powerful, high-performance hatchbacks that make even the best hot hatches of the past seem like your run-of-the-mill family car. While there are several manufacturers trying their luck in this new market, the all important question is who has the best? Volkswagen Golf […]

Apps that can prevent texting while driving


Cell phone apps don’t have to serve solely as a dangerous distraction for drivers. In fact, they can also be used to make driving more safe. Nowadays, there is a wide variety of apps out there that have been designed to prevent texting while driving. According to estimates by, texting while driving increases the likelihood […]

Minicabs in London


Grabbing a taxi in London has always been a troublesome venture. We were okay with it till a decade ago when we realized that things can be much better. The black taxis that are so ubiquitous in London aren’t really doing it for us anymore; taxis need to be much more convenient. Standing around hoping […]

The Benefits of Having Led Headlights


Many inexperienced bikers fail to realize just how important it is to give your bike a thorough inspection before each ride and usually end up regretting in the long run. Any long term car owner will tell you that in order to get the best out of your bike on a long trip; you have […]