Month: August 2015

Mercedes AMG – a history lesson C63 Coupe


In late September will be released the new C63 Coupe. I like very much the AMG Mercedes models. And I’m not sure if it’s because of their aggressive look, the higher performance, better handling or stability than a regular Mercedes. But I was curios to find out what exactly makes the difference. And I could […]

Recycle your car and Help Someone in need


Life is a combination of happyness and disappointments, surprizes and sad moments. There is not one old person who could say she had never felt down, without hope, at least one period of time in her life. One of the moments when a person feels she lost hope is after losing a job. Unfortunately this […]

Infographic: BMW – A Big Name In Auto Industry


BMW or Bayerische Motoren Werke AG (the real name) is one of the biggest automobile and engine manufacturer, on market since 1916. Cargiant celebrates BMW with a new infographic for the most important car manufacturer in Europe and maybe in the world. New infographic shows high leads in 2015 for BMW, more than its rivals: […]

How to Preserve a Car’s Value: Maintenance How-To


If you want to sell your car someday, it matters how you maintain it along the way. This is also beneficial to your own safety. Good practises enable you to make the most when you eventually get rid of your car. The better it works and looks, the higher its reselling value. The following are […]

Why Do People Want Their Next Vehicle from a Car Supermarket?


Car supermarkets are an alternative to traditional dealers – one full of attractive features and benefits. There are places where one can’t only buy used cars, but also new ones. Also, there is the price advantage. It’s not always recommended to purchase a vehicle locally. Usually the choices are far too limited. If you have […]

Samsung Safety Truck Helps Drivers

Samsung has found a way to prove that they can do more with their technology that helping people communicate. Argentina is renowned for being the country with the most one-lane roads and brave drivers who hurry to reach their destination. Drivers who would even risk their lives and the lives of others to do so. […]

Car Loans- Your Wallet to Ride the Wheels


For most folks, getting a car has become more of a necessity than just an ambition. Be it driving yourself to work or to receive your friends from the airport, having your own four-wheeler gives you a world of freedom. Achieving this freedom, however, does have its struggles. Being one of the most expensive industries […]

What To Do When You Get A DUI


So, you’ve gotten a DUI, and now you don’t know what to do next. Below are some basic steps that you should follow after you’ve gotten a DUI, and some things that you can do to make sure that this never happens again. Getting a DUI is bad for not only you, but for everyone […]

The Motorbike That Runs On Water

This sounds like one of those Bible episodes (you remember the one with Jesus, the water and the wine, right?), but it is as real as it gets. It all started with a man’s frustration with the price of gas. Sounds quite familiar up to now. Well while most of us decide to ignore this […]

AeroMobil: The Future is Here

There was a time when people moved from one place to the other using horses. And before that they used bicycles. And before that they walked. Can you imagine a world where it took days or weeks to end a journey that nowadays takes just a few hours? If you don’t believe that, then you’re […]

Fees You Shouldn’t Pay When Buying a Car

Purchasing a new car will surely bring thrills of joy into one’s life. Especially if it is the first car they buy. People who buy a vehicle for the first time don’t have a lot of experience, are not aware of what to look for and have no idea what they should avoid when it […]

These Unique Car Safety Features Will Blow Your Mind!


There’s no question that automotive technology is developing at an increasingly high rate. It seems like it was only a few years ago that heated seats and rear-view cameras were seen as luxury upgrades, and now you can get them on almost any make and model! As these once high-end upgrades have filtered down into […]