Year: 2014

9 Cars To Get Very Excited About in 2015

2014 has been a vintage year for new cars. The arrival of the stunning new Audi TT pleased many. The brand new Ford Focus stepped up the game for everyday cars. At the luxury end of the market, the Mercedes AMG GT now rivals the Porsche 911. But, as the years draws to a close, […]

Surprising List of Participants at Formula 1 2015

Formula 1

This year’s F1 championship ended at Abu Dhabi with Lewis Hamilton‘s smashing victory. We were delighted for him but I think some crowds were even more delighted by his girlfriend Nicole Scherzinger who came at the last minute to cheer for her man. But champions know that you have to get back on the horse […]

Get Your Audi Greensboro Car Repaired From Authenticated Service Point

Audi S5 Cabrio Challenge by STaSIS

Being an owner of an elite standard vehicle, it is significant for you to choose an authentic and independent auto repair center to attain preventive or break-down maintenance of your precious car. When you drive your car on the road, it carries a different identification, eminence and self-esteem of you as well your family members. […]

Chevrolet Surprises at Los Angeles Auto Show 2014


What is Chevrolet doing when it’s not designing a new car? Well, it’s participating at the best auto show in Los Angeles that’s for sure. And Chevrolet doesn’t come empty handed but bearing lots of super-tuned gifts. Just like Santa Claus, only a little better! The amazing company raised the stakes with a Chevrolet Chaparral […]

How To Use an Electric Winch to Tow a Car


You never know when you’ll need an electric winch in your life, which is why most responsible people are always prepared. One of most effective and common uses for these winches is to tow a car that happens to be stuck (in mud, over an embankment, in the desert). But how exactly do you use […]

AMG for the win

Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG Black Series

Mercedes cars for some are the pinnacle. They are everything you could ever want in a car, and much more. If you have the money then buying one of Germany’s finest exports is a no-brainer. If you are a bit more flush then buying a Mercedes AMG is just as logical. And, if you are […]

6 Easy Ways to Prepare Your Car for Winter


Winter is upon us! And it comes with a bad news and a good one. The good news is that Santa Claus is expected to appear bringing gifts. The bad news is that your car will have to undergo a couple of modifications in order deal with the cruel winter. If it’s your first time […]

UK Automobile Industry: Facts and Statistics

Land Rover Defender By Chelsea Truck Company

Today we are talking about the Santorini Black Land Rover Defender SVX Edition tuned by the Chelsea Truck Company! Does it sound good to you? Land Rover is the embodiment of everything that is perfect and breathtaking for the car enthusiasts. It’s got force, beauty, power and thanks to Chelsea Truck Company the ability to […]

The Top 4 Audi Models For Business People Looking To Impress Clients

Audi A4 3.2 Quattro

All business owners will know just how important first impressions can be. The way in which potential clients perceive you can make a huge difference in their decision on whether or not to spend money with your company. For that reason, you need to reek of professionalism. Unless you have enough money to spend on […]

The Best Cars of Last Vegas Rich and Famous

Lamborghini LP640 Roadster

For a lot of rich and famous people, particularly gamblers, Las Vegas is not just about casinos and gambling. There’s more to Las Vegas than just merely gaming. Las Vegas is a place of the rich and the famous. It as well is an experience that also encompasses fine dining, high-end shopping, and driving around […]

How To Take Care of Your Air Conditioning System


It is there for you during the hot summer days when you are riding your car sitting comfortably and thinking about everything except your air conditioning system. It’s true: sometimes we take it for granted because it makes us feel safe and comfortable. So we don’t wonder what we have done to deserve it. But […]