Day: August 22, 2013

Lexus IS-F by Ventross

For those who do not know, Ventross is a subdivision of American Vorsteiner tuner (those who change BMW, Mercedes and Porsche) that will deal with modifying Japanese models, and their first creation is a body kit for the Lexus IS-F. The new kit is made of carbon fiber and contains an extension for front spoiler, […]

What Innovations Can We Expect From Pick-Up Trucks In The Next Five Years?


Innovations From Pick-Up It may seem that the functional pick-up truck has changed little over the years, but to believe this would be a mistake. With numerous alterations already under its belt, here is a look at what the next five years might hold for this vehicular workhorse. Slowly but surely, this ubiquitous vehicle has […]

Dodge Challenger Blacktop

Live Dodge Challenger Blacktop at SEMA Show. Dodge Challenger Blacktop