Day: July 25, 2012

Mazda 6 Comes at the Moscow International Auto Salon 2012!

Better late than never, they say! In this case, sooner makes it perfect. Mazda has considered this when announcing that its little jewelery, Mazda 6 will no longer have to wait until the Paris Motor Show in late September (Sept 29th – Oct 4th), but will make its entrance at the Moscow International Automobile Salon […]

Audi A7 Gets Awesome Vossen Rims!


The newest, the fastest, the hottest! This is what we can say about Audi A7. Although it has not appeared in any auto show, we first had the chance to see it launch in July 2010. Now that the tuners at Vossen decided to combine it with their latest  CV5 rim, we get the chance […]