Month: January 2012

Ronaldo’s 2007 Porsche 911 for sale

Ronaldo Porsche 911

A Porsche 911 Carrera Cabriolet that was once owned by Portuguese superstar Cristiano Ronaldo is on sale. The footballer was the first owner of the 3.8L convertible in 2007 and it has, rather surprisingly, only racked up 28,000 miles since then. Image courtesy of This black beast, according to the current owner, is in […]

Ferrari and BMW Bring it On!

  Where you ever curious to see a Ferrari and a BMW with new alloy wheels? Now is your chance. Ferrari 458 Italia and BMW 5-Series were recently tuned by Vorsteiner. After taking care of Bentley Continental GT, enriching its looks with a wonderful kit, the famous tuning company has made its way with 21-inches alloy […]

Who Knew Rust Can Make a Painting?

Have you ever wondered what would transform a car into a real work of art? What do you need to change or put on it in order to make it brilliant? The artist Bo Lundvang has figured it out. His genius discovery consists in creating absolute art by combining rust and white vinyl panels (40/20 […]

The Phantom tuned by Wald International

  The Phantom has returned! Tuned by Wald International, Rolls-Royce Phantom Drophead Coupe is ready to give its best. This gorgeous, luxury car introduces a brilliant kit  that includes a front bumper with new vents,LED daytime running lights, new rocker panels, trim along the fenders and a boot lid spoiler. In order to complete the fancy […]

Liberty City – Another Big Apple

liberty city

If you’ve ever played GTA IV and wondered about the impressive locations that feature in the game, the chances are you’ll know Liberty City is based on the Big Apple itself. New York is one of the most iconic places on the planet, and the faithful reproduction of various parts of it is something that […]

Range Rover Evoque tuned by Project Kahn

  The Range Rover Evoque was recently modified by the amazing tuner Project Kahn. Not that it actually needed any tuning, but as some say: ‘it is always room for more.’ The only additional elements given to this spectacular Range Rover are new wheels- RS600 alloys, finished in gunmetal (the customers can choose from 3 […]

Infiniti M35h is the fastest hybrid!

  Hybrids are supposed to be known from an ecological perspective and not because of their speed, right? Well, today, Infiniti breaks all rules and promotes its M35h’s ability to run wild. During their latest advertisement, the Japanese guys managed to compare their car with a Porsche Panamera S Hybrid, and …..won. If you think […]

Lexus LFA and the Troublesome Accident!

Apparently we have a big premiere  in the Lexus family. Not a positive one, but still, enough to give us some juice gossip. Lexus LFA  has been involved into a car crash at the beginning of October last year, in Orlando, Florida. Some say that this $400,000 Lexus LFA was taken for a spin by […]

Porsche Panamera tuned by Wald International

  Watch out for the bull! Now is Porsche’s time to be tuned by Wald International “Black Bison”. Focusing on the exterior aero parts and a complete carbon fiber kit, this gorgeous car will be the star of the season after these guys finish with it. Other elements that help Porsche Panamera be more and […]

Volkswagen is ready to come out in Chicago!

The year 2012 seems to be a very good year, so far. We have got a lot of auto shows which bring out the best in every car manufacturer. Volkswagen is definitely one of those who can enjoy the privilege of having its gorgeous 2013 Beetle TDI at one of these shows. And this is […]

The Black Fortune called Mercedes SL-Class

  It is Mercedes time again! At the Tokyo Auto Salon we will be introduced with the new Veilside body kit specially made for Mercedes SL-Class. Being the first time when this popular manufacturer has done something so special for Mercedes, it is only natural that the price would go up to almost $40,000. What […]

Porsche 911 tuned by SpeedART

The Geneva Motor Show is preparing us for something absolutely gorgeous: a Porsche 911 tuned by SpeedART. What can we expect from this new experience? A new aero kit called the SP91-R, which includes styling improvements up front and a CS rear wing out back, 20/21-inch LSC forged rims and a brand new suspension.Under the […]