Day: September 26, 2011

Land Rover DC-100 expected to arrive in 2015

Land Rover has currently founded the systems off its presently questionable DC100 Vision in Frankfurt … plus it characteristics a stablemate – the convertible car DC100 Sport. The familiar swift overhangs and near-vertical portions exist in addition to 22-inch alloy tires. The intelligent mapping technique evolves a three dimensional visualization inside the surrounding terrain employing […]

Mercedes SLS AMG Tuned by Kubatech

Mercedes is another beautiful brand that has come up with a new car which will arouse your curiosity. The German company Kubatech has worked really hard in order to redesign Mercedes SLS AMG. And the results were pretty convincing: an ECU optimization which contributes to  the natural work of the 6.3-liter V8 engine.  After these […]

Toyota Ku:Rin: Reality or Fiction?

Is it a car? Is it a plane? Is it a space ship? God knows! But what we do know, is the fact that this Toyota Ku:Rin is a prototype which will leave you all speechless. This is a three wheeled “green” vehicle based on a compressed air system that is shaped as a glider. […]