Day: March 21, 2011

Golden Tata Nano

We’ve found some interesting pictures with luxury golden Tata Nano and we want to share it with you: The cheapest car in the world is now all-golden, so instead of 2,500 USD you will have to pay more.

Cool Smart Electric Drive

Are you old enough to go to a disco? Do you love music and dancing? Well, this Cool Smart Electric Drive is the perfect car for you! It is a car that comes swathed with mirrors all over it and it looks amazing! This Smart will appear in the “Pixel City” movie and it is […]

Mercedes Benz ELA Concept

The Mercedes Benz ELA Concept was designed by Mohammad Ghezel from MG Design Studio, from Iran. This should be the next ultra-modern vehicle, which uses electrical energy and solar cells; in a world with too expensive fuel and people looking for less or none fuel consumption. Also, the Mercedes Benz ELA Concept is a green […]