Day: January 13, 2011

2012 Ford Focus Electric

Ford Focus presented their first electric model, car that can be purchased in Europe starting 2012. 2012 Ford Focus Electric 2012 Ford Focus Electric will have the same autonomy as the Renault Fluence ZE, but a much powerful engine of 125 hp that can push the car up to 136 km/h.

Fiat 500 by Mopar

Mopar tuning prepared some interesting changes for 2012 Fiat 500, mostly cosmetic improvements. Fiat 500 by Mopar Fiat 500 by Mopar Limited Edition Challenger has 500 logo on doors, double blue stripe on the roof and hood, chromed mirror covers, chromed fuel door, key fob cover and strut tower brace at the exterior.

Hamann Stallion 911 Turbo Tuning

Porsche 911 Turbo was already one of the fastest, best-performing sport cars on the road, but there is Hamann – who’ve tuned everything from the MINI Cooper to the Ferrari 612 Scaglietti – come in to confound expectations and shatter assumptions. Hamann Stallion 911 Turbo Tuning Not satisfied with “only” 480 horsepower, the Hamann Stallion […]

Volkswagen Passat from USA

I know the title sounds strange, but it is real: Volkswagen Passat from USA is different from Volkswagen Passat from European auto-market. Germans from VW wants to sell over 1 million Passat’s models on the American market and the changes are to improve its commercial look.

Bentley Sacrilege- 800hp ASI Tetsu GTR

The Bentley Continental GT is an amazing car with its 6.0 liter twin-turbo V12 engine pumping out 552hp, it is a favorite with the rich and famous including one Paris Hilton. She could well be happy after news of of this new tuning kit from Japanese tuning firm TSI featuring a golden livery complete with […]