Day: April 27, 2010

Citroen Metropolis Concept

Citroen presented their new Metropolis Concept, a car with impressive dimensions: 5.3m long, 2m wide & 1.4m high, revealing great curves and details. Citroen Metropolis Concept These pictures that you see are new made public by the producer to show better the hybrid car, with a V6 2.0 liter engine and an electric one, generating […]

Beijing Auto Show – Geely Cars

Geely presented more models than we’ve expected at the 2010 Beijing Auto Show, but I think the only problem is that not all of the models presented are available on market. At auto shows we find many series models, available on market and not that many concepts, but Geely isn’t a firm that can respect […]

Beijing Auto Show – MG ZERO Concept

MG Zero Concept was presented at the Beijing Auto Show, a high-tech car with smooth lines at the interior and exterior, made by MG Global Design team, together with designer Anthony Williams-Kenny. Beijing Auto Show – MG ZERO Concept This concept is 4 m long and has many features inside, as applications for driver and […]