Month: January 2010

Power by Hamann HM670

The new BMW X6 M is already the most powerful SUV in the world. But that has not impressed the people from Hamann. And with much less prevented from making it more powerful … So now is the time to make acquaintance with Hamann HM670! Der uber X6 M! Hamann HM670 V8 Twin Turbo. 4.4 […]

A Limo on its way

Who doesn’t love to take a beautiful ride in a sunny day with a perfect long limousine? But what you will do if the limo is too long? See the instructions: Source:

500hp Honda Super GT racer

Honda has powerful models and has special dispensation to race, since its previous contender was the NSX Super GT and that car’s engine layout is no longer allowed under the championship rules. 500hp Honda Super GT racer The HSV-010 GT is therefore front-engine car with rear-wheel drive. We believe that is based on Honda’s abandoned […]

A Porsche Gone in a Russian Lake

This old but beautiful Porsche (I think it is Porsche 356) was pulled out for a Russian lake. Pretty bad, don’t you think? Look at how it should look: And now take a look on the rusted car:

1000 hp 9ff GTurbo

How you can transform a Porsche 911 RS GT3/GT3 into something more brutal? The answer is simple: GTurbo. 1000 hp 9ff GTurbo The conversion adds a Bi-turbo six-cylinder engine and there we have up to 1000 horsepower! I mean, you can opt for 750 hp and 850 Nm, 850 hp and 910 Nm or, why […]

The new Mini Countryman

Mini Countryman will be available with a range of five engines consisting of: two diesel and three petrol, with power range 90hp (MINI One D Countryman) and 184 hp (MINI Cooper S Countryman). The new Mini Countryman will be first who will get four doors and, optionally, an integral transmission system – All4. Mini Countryman […]

911 Turbo – 2010 official Advertising

Porsche has made public an extended promo for the 2010 Porsche 911 Turbo Coupe video that appears so. How 2009 went a little time only, is natural to ask what the team already reserved for Porsche this year. It will steal your pleasure to enjoy discovering one new technology improved, ready to “attack”, so enjoy! […]

Opel Corsa Color Race

Opel return with air models of the ’60s and ’70s, European Division launching soon limited edition Corsa “Color Race”. What I mean? The little Corsa was dressed in “vintage” clothes; the ancestor model Opel Rallye Kadett B Sprint, born in the ’60s. Opel Corsa Color Race Available in three colors – Sunny Yellow Melon, White […]

Video – Bugatti Veyron in mouse costume

Silly. Weird. Senseless. But so funny. These are the first words that come to my mind when I think about this Bugatti Veyron. But, in this case, are best suited. Why? For a copy was dressed in a mouse by Conan O’Brien. And then he introduced to the music of the Rolling Stones. A motion […]

Video – BMW X5 & X6 M in action, on snow

In perfect conditions for winter (lots of snow and other stuff), the new BMW X5 and X6 M are found to be simply a joy. Especially when you do put on drifts … And if you do not know how, you can learn from the video below! Source:

Mustang GT – the official car of 2010 NASCAR Daytona

A Mustang GT turned into a specimen collection. Why? So that has the name “Daytona 500”, representing the official car Daytona NASCAR, which will start on February 14. Mustang GT – the official car of 2010 NASCAR Daytona Daytona 500 is based on a Mustang GT piece, as I said, propelled by a 5.0 L […]

Conquisto Lamborghini SUV Concept

Many powerful brands presented interesting SUV concepts at the Geneva Auto Show, like the Aston Martin Lagonda SUV concept, which is an outstanding crossover but with unattractive shape. That’s why, all car lovers feel that there should be more work at this chapter. Conquisto Lamborghini SUV Concept Lamborghini is a brand known for its powerful […]