Month: November 2009

Hofele Royster GT 460 or 480 HP Touareg

The Volkswagen Touareg is now stronger and stronger! But the trouble is that Germans have little open mouth about it … I mean they told us they had them for 6 liter W12, amending it and gave a total of 480 horsepower. Okay, and? Nothing about acceleration, nothing about speed and nothing! Hofele Royster GT […]

Video – 100 Ferrari in the United Arab Emirates

Nearly 100 Ferrari was in the same place. Pretty incredible, don’t you think? That’s why I want to show you this in a great video. And if you don’t realize where this could happen, I must tell you that this “parade” was held where else than in the United Arab Emirates! Video – 100 Ferrari […]

MUSTANG RTR-C Carbon Monster from the USA

You have to take a short look on the key hole and you will remain impressed, indeed! These are first photos made visible regarding the limited production for those of Mustang, RTR-C. MUSTANG RTR-C Carbon Monster This is a 100% Carbon Mustang made for the street, with adjustable stock absorbers from the car, 550 hp […]

Callaway Camaro SS for Hendrick Motorsports

Americans from Hendrick Motorsports needed something special for the 25th anniversary, so they made a phone call to Callaway. The result is this beautiful Chevy Camaro SS. Okay, besides its built in just 25 copies, SS now comes with a supercharged V8 that gives about 582 horsepower. Callaway Camaro SS for Hendrick Motorsports Callaway Camaro […]

Nissan 350Z or Black Beauty

A car known for its versatility in terms of tuning, Nissan 350Z still fall as a “victim” in tuner hands. But this time, the result is pleasant to my eye. The copy below was “arranged” by Xtrem Shop Caballero, who used an external kit from Ibherdesign and Eurolineas spoiler, all which are complemented by matte […]

Girls at SEMA 2009

I know that all of you want to see some tuning cars or new models from SEMA 2009, but let’s see the stars of each show car. For even the most awaited auto show of the year could not be complete without this typical feminine, we present the girls who roared into Las Vegas. Enjoy! […]

The Yenko Legend Lives On

GMCI will present at the SEMA Show in Las Vegas’s Chevy Camaro prototype, called simply: Yenko. Built on the platform of a Camaro SS, 2010 model, new Yenko will contain, first, a kit “Phase 1”, consisting of 600 hp turbocharged V8 engine, mated to a manual six-speed manual transmission. The Yenko Legend Lives On Additionally, […]

Gallardo LP620 Spyder by WaM

Wheelsandmore or Germans that tuned the CL45 and R8’s 530 hp (if you don’t know by name) were back. They returned with a Lamborghini Gallardo LP560-4 Spyder, which they renamed LP620… Gallardo LP620 Spyder by WaM Where that 620? Of course, everyone has realized. That breeding figures are nothing else than power horses which have […]

Volkswagen launched Scirocco R Cup

Volkswagen Scirocco R CUP announced that the Sport release model will operate on a little more … green. I say that because the new Scirocco will work on gas (CNG), while maintaining performance expectations – 220 hp and 275 Nm of the 2.0 TSI engine. Volkswagen Scirocco R Cup Scirocco R CUP will come equipped […]

BMW Wind Tunnel and Model

What’s in common for wind tunnels and models? We do not know, but it’s hard to mess with the new-media show at BMW. BMW Wind Tunnel and Model The company decided to begin promoting a “hardcore” of the new wind tunnel and was invited Sylvie van der Vaart in a photo session. Officially named “hair-stand […]

Audi TT RS by MTM is ready!

Yes,it is true! Audi TT-RS by MTM is ready! Finally! What have prepared the Germans? Was it worth waiting? We have the strongest TT-RS? It remains to be seen… We have to start with the beginning! 2.5-Turbo’s was the victim, the Germans favorite, stand proof that MTM has prepared no less than three power levels. […]

How fast you can destroy a Viper?

How easy is to destroy a four-wheel beast!?! It is very easy and very fast! A Dodge Viper owner from the United States “dropped” the foot on the pedal a little more than he had to do. The result? You can see it in the below video, starting with 1.15 minute. How fast you can […]