Month: November 2009

C-Class Estate by Piecha Design

As the Piecha Design said, to pass from a roadster to a break … is kind a big steep. What if next time they will come with a Unimog or something? Until then, let’s see C’s Estate. C-Class Estate by Piecha Design Want to hear something stupid? To have part of the tuning package from […]

Luca di Montezemolo stuck a Ferrari in sand

President of Ferrari, Luca di Montezemolo, gave spectators a fun time at Ferrari World Finals, an event held at Valencia last weekend. Being at the wheel of a Ferrari California, with other pilots as Felipe Massa and Fernando Alonso, di Montezemolo was able to “stick” the car in the sand, which was removed only with […]

Ford introduced Fiesta S2000 Rally Car

Ford introduced the latest car to the rally, conducted together with experts from the M-Sport, which also produce Ford WRC cars. Fiesta S2000 rally car will be a comprehensive car, following to compete in many competitions, the WRC, IRC (Intercontinental Rally Challenge – Series rival WRC), the S2000 World Cup or national rally. Ford Fiesta […]

Ford Edge by Steeda

North American tuner Steed gives Ford fans a sport package for one of the AMI rated cars on the market today, Edge. Company officials boast that this model is “the perfect answer for those who have everything.” Ford Edge by Steeda In terms of style, Steed Edge Sport is very attractive, with many inserts carbon […]

Senner Whitelady Z

Prepared by German tuner Senner, Whitelady Z is based on a Nissan 370Z and is scheduled to be presented at North American Show Room – Sema Show. Maximum engine power is 353 hp, 21 hp more than the number of Japanese version. Senner Whitelady Z 21-inch wheels are painted either white or black, depending on […]

Dubai Police Patrols in Nissan GT-R

After I made a top with 10 of the most interesting police cars, here we have in the United Arab Emirates, in Dubai, police patrols in Nissan GT-R. The beast of 485 hp patrol on highways and streets in Abu Dhabi, putting to “corner” anyone that exceeds the speed and abuse on streets. Dubai Police […]

Bentley Continental GT by Vorsteiner

This will be first body kit for the new Continental Supersports? No, this is the first body kit Vorsteiner for Continental GT and GT Speed. But with influences of Bentley Continental Supersports. Bentley Continental GT by Vorsteiner Look this time Americans have left few out BMW, Porsche and many more, and went to Bentley. The […]

VW Beetle Black-Orange Edition

Little Ladybug Beetle from Volkswagen recently received goodies, or better said an optical package called “Black-Orange”; both the hatch and the convertible version. The new package is more than welcome, because the VW Beetle has not received some news of a fairly long period of time. VW Beetle Black-Orange Edition VW Beetle Black-Orange Edition Pack […]

Alfa Romeo MiTo by LSD

Germans from LSD gave now a pair of small wings to Alfa Romeo MiTo. And for 1,399 euro you can have it, too. And, let’s face it… we don’t see a MiTo with Lamborghini style doors on every corner; only at the Essen Motor Show! Alfa Romeo MiTo by LSD

Mercedes S600 by MBM

We all waited for the Mercedes S600 by MBM Tuning. After many sleepless nights, the guys brought it to light. As any car modified by MBM Tuning, this Mercedes is the result of a team. Some have lost their bets, trying to guess the model lies in the external kit. Many suspected, but they came […]

Top 10 Coolest Police Cars

I know that this top isn’t that great for criminals (I’m joking, of course :)), but I think everybody should know what cool police cars are running on streets. It wasn’t that hard to find 10 interesting police cars, but if you think that there are missing some interesting police cars, you should suggest them […]

Best of Zenvo ST1

Danish from Zenvo presents their first supercar. You know, that ST1 of about 1104 HP. New pictures, new details … Danish and we will be impressed – Bio Flex V8 engine (capable of running on gasoline, bio-fuel, or both), 7.0-liter turbo and compressor, six-speed manual transmission or paddles and, naturally, 1104 HP. Zenvo ST1 And […]