Month: October 2009

Porsche Panamera by Mansory

The most brutal Porsche Panamera is here. How and from who? From Mansory, obviously. It seems that Swiss tuners (who, in time, became Germans) have forgotten that the new Panamera would be a stylish sedan. So that gave some spoilers with plugs / run as the house, wings front and rear bigger than an elephant […]

Top 5 October Car News

1. BMW from Toyota According to the last news, BMW could use the Toyota IQ platform in the future to produce its new vehicle. In this way, the Bavarian producer could save time and money, not negligible factors when you want to launch a new model. In exchange, Toyota could receive the Mini Coupe platform […]

Audi S4 vs. BMW 335i

Audi S4 vs. BMW 335i. Who will be the winner? Will be this new Audi S4 Quattro V6 and the turbocharged 333 hp? Or the already classic rear-wheel drive 335i and twin-turbo engine of 3.0 liters and 306 hp? It remains to be seen … Audi S4 vs. BMW 335i

Gemballa GT 750 Aero 3 Sport Exclusive

Gemballa came back with a new creation. The Porsche has four doors and a considerable size. What could it be? Of course, a Cayenne. German tuner presents us something called Gemballa GT 750 AERO 3 Sports Exclusive. Too long for us! So we will tell them Cayenne’s 750 hp. In more detail, this is a […]

Q7 Facelift and Q7 V12 TDI by B&B

Germans from B & B has changed the new Audi Q7 facelift. Ok, all this may seem uninteresting. But Germans from B & B not only changed the new Audi Q7 Facelift, but have changed the new Audi Q7 V12 TDI. 🙂 Now what do you think? But we take the beginning or, rather, the […]

Bentley Continental GT Bullet by TopCar

After finishing the new Panamera, Russian from TopCar prepared the Bentley Continental GT and GT Speed. In fact, a tuning program which they named “Bullet“. But let’s see what we have. First, start with a black matte, which will get rid of about 7,000 euros. A black matte that you can combine with a new […]

Range Rover Holland & Holland by Overfinch

The wait was over. Britain’s Overfinch offers their newest creation, a Range Rover Holland & Holland. Named after the famous London producer of weapons, SUV will be assembled in just 100 copies. Price? From 120,894 pounds. TDV8 or a supercharged V8 of 5.0 liters and 503 hp. Then you need to know what to expect. […]

Porsche Cayenne Turbo S by TechArt Magnum

Tuning photos with Porsche Cayenne Turbo S by TechArt Magnum. Porsche Cayenne Turbo S by TechArt Magnum

Nissan GT-R by AVUS Performance

A matte black and more power for Nissan GT-R … Am I on Christmas Eve? No, not really. Just those of Performance AVUS probably wanted to have enough time to make our list of desires, which was then handed him to Santa Claus … I bet that Batman will write now? The recipe is pretty […]

550 HP Green BMW M3 E92

Usually, the Norwegians did not stand out with too many cars. But the M3 has somehow their attention. First, it is an M3 and it’s full modified by Norwegian firm SS Performance, “veterans” in the field of BMW, Porsche and Mitsubishi. Good, important is that this M3 E92 hiding under the hood and a 550 […]

Ferrari California by Hamann

Hamann has always shown strong weakness for cars, as happened with his last “victim” – Ferrari California. Although the models prance pony is a wonderful concept since the factory, which is not worth as, here the Germans have shown us otherwise. Carbon was matching with white body, making a strong and pleasant contrast. Aerodynamic kit […]

Arden is preparing the new Jaguar XJ

Although the new XJ has not yet reached the street, people from Arden have thought that British saloon would need some improvements. So have you got a change … Currently, only virtual … The result? The new XJ looks more aggressive now … And, to judge by shape than the back, even can “play” with […]