Month: September 2009

Hummer H2 Latte Macciatto by GeigerCars

German tuner GeigerCars presents its newest masterpiece, a Hummer H2 that responds to the “Latte Macciatto”. And although we have no idea what comes this “Latte Macciatto” most likely has to do with paintjob in two colors, brown and beige-cream noble. For the new chrome rims, which measures 30 inches and 315/30R30 tires Fri wear, […]

BMW M3 E46 by HPF

When it comes to M3, the image is clear: Maximum sportive. But some find ways to beat tuners and beyond what the factory engineers would not change. And the M3 S54 E46 not deviates from the rule, not. American tuner HPF (HorsePowerFreaks) realized that this beast has personality problems, so he was careful to treat […]

Vantage TOPCAR GTR – Tuning for Porsche Cayenne

There are plenty of tuners ready to modify your car and TOPCAR Cayenne is one of those companies. Russia’s newest creation is called Vantage is a combination of GTR and kits Advantage GT and Vantage. On the exterior, the German SUV has received a new body kit made of Kevlar and carbon fiber components. Thus, […]

MTM Audi S4 Avant – 430 hp Monster

333 horsepower, 0-100 km / h in 5.2 seconds and top speed of 250 km / h. Sounds good, but there’s always room for many improvements. This is where people at MTM, comes with their magic. First, it should be noted that German tuner is not a big fan of aesthetic modifications. That is why […]

Koenigsegg CCR Evolution with V8 806 HP

The Action Meet 2009 is an event where attended the Koenigsegg CCR Evolution. Equipped with a supercharged V8 engine of 4.7 liters and 806 horsepower, the Swedish supercar quarter mile course in 12.02 seconds in a first attempt. At the second trial, was improved and the time down to 11.43 seconds. Koenigsegg CCR Evolution

Real photos with SV 9 Competizione

I saw and greatly enjoyed the first image processed on computer with SV 9 Competizione, but today it is time for something special: the first real photos beautiful American-Italian style! We talk about an American model with Italian design. As we previously announced, SV 9 Competizione is a C6 Corvette with influences of Alfa Romeo […]

Lamborghini X Concept

Emil Baddad, an extremely talented artist from Iran, was not very satisfied with the design of Lamborghini Reventon, so heI decided to make a new design for itor. We can not say that it went well, because there is no comparison with the real time. Enjoy the artist work! Lamborghini X Concept Lamborghini X Concept […]