Month: September 2009

Old Mercedes S-Class by INDEN Design

Inden Design is back to the start… The German company is so excited about his first Mercedes as it shows us, in about 20 years away … Even if there is an S-Class of ’83 and in ’91, creation of Haiger tuner and impress our days. Not only by its forms, but also with the […]

Carbon RECARO Seats, only 20.000 $ pair

Recaro is a difficult name in motorsport industry, specialized in manufacturing sports seats, in more sophisticated ways and different in price. Okay, so here all well and good. But Recaro recently launched a pair of seats that cost no more and no less than $ 20,000. This is the special edition ASM Recaro SP-X CL […]

BMW Z4 M by Manhart Racing

BMW has announced it’s next generation Z4 will have an M version, all the fans are sad Bavarian manufacturer … But forget solution: buy old Z4 M, and the Germans at Manhart Racing you will be ready to independence under the hood V10 them on M5. How to Manhart Racing? The one that learns your […]

Skoda Yeti by Cobra

German tuner Cobra Technology & Lifestyle prepared some surprises for the new model of the Skoda Yeti, just a few weeks before its launch on the market. A benefit with more aggressive and imposing, the novelty lies in few accessories, such as aluminum or stainless steel thresholds, bars front and rear with stainless steel decoration […]

Mercedes S250 CDI BlueEfficiency – First four-cylinder S

The new Mercedes-Benz S320 CDI BlueEfficiency began its “career” as the most economical S-Class available. With a V6 235 hp and 540 Nm, the average consumption of 7.6 l/100 km and luxury S-Class model is the ideal compromise for those with aspirations of “environmentalists”. But wait … latest information indicates that the Germans are preparing […]

Mitsubishi Eclipse – mobile disco

Why go to clubs and discos if you can have everything in your car? In this way the owner of a Mitsubishi Eclipse thought. The car was designed exclusively for shows, outside being worked by “Mlin tuning”. Custom paint, rims Koning on 20 “and GAS air ride, these are first tuning news. As for the […]

Ferrari F430 by ASI

Photo update for Ferrari F430 by ASI. See all pictures at large size. Ferrari F430 by ASI

BMW 3 Series by JMS Racelook

JMS Tuner has launched a new styling kit only for 3 Series E92/E93, who comes as a glove beast. The kit consists of a front spoiler lip for with aggressive lines (249 €) and a set of KW coil-over suspension, which lowers the car approximately 55 mm 45 mm front and rear (1,059 €). In […]

Ford Focus RS tuned by GGR

The new Ford Focus RS have “only” 300 horsepower and 440 Nm, but is only a matter of time before you have even more. The fact was, for amending and arrived first. For this are responsible people at Graham Goode Racing (GGR). By simply reprogramming the ECU, the British managed to squeeze out another 40 […]

Record for a Jaguar C-Type from 1952, $ 2,530,000

A Jaguar C-Type from 1952 which belonged to Phil Hill, was sold a record amount of $ 2,530,000. Son of the legendary pilot, Derek Hill, began the auction for the beautiful copy of the $ 1,000,000 final price reaching $ 2,530,000. Last weekend were sold 85% of the 239 cars auctioned. Besides Jaguar C-Type, other […]

Race Between A Rally Car, A Sedan And A F1 Car

Before you watch this video, think about who will win! But think better, because you could have a big surprise! When I first saw the video, I was thinking that I am going to be surprised by the sedan car, but when Jeremy C. is driving, watch out! A Race Between A Rally Car , […]

R8 gold mat – unpolished diamond

As you know, the Audi R8 is pretty exotic to deserve such “eccentricity”. But anyone feel the need for uniqueness and also appear …let’s say… creations? However, the final result does not look that bad and deserves admiration. It seems a little unpolished diamond. R8 gold mat