Month: August 2009

SLR McLaren Carbon by Project Kahn

British tuner Project Kahn continues to attempt improvement of the perfect car and now brings us Carbon SLR McLaren. With a perfect design, inspired by the “silver arrow” in Formula 1, German-British supercar not feels the need for aesthetic improvements. Part frontal as long “nose” which ends with the famous star, “gills” which side are […]

RUF is presenting new RT12 S

Pleasure to drive has a new name: RUF RT12 S. The newest creation of German tuner comes with a bi-turbo boxer engine of 685 horsepower and 880 Nm, which allows supercar to accelerate up to 360 km / h. And that’s not all. The exterior has LEDs, a discrete aileron of carbon fiber and jackanapes […]

Clock from Ferrari- great caprice

After the clock from Audi, the Ferrari people had a brilliant idea and they have produced a red clock of their own, in keeping with the famous model that belongs to them. If you will own a Ferrari, would you wear it? The clock has rubber belt and will be available in stores Ferrari at […]

Mercedes E-Class by CDC International

A black limo with and chrome-plated rims… Honestly, I have recently seen this combination. And like I was missing … But that brings us the German tuner CDC International. It all started with a Mercedes … More specifically, the new Mercedes E350 CDI. Coincidence or not, German limo came and painted in black with AMG […]

Chevy Camaro Transformers Special Edition

Starting now, each owner can have the Camaro Autobot Bumblebee. In fact, we speak about an aesthetic package that can be ordered on LT and SS versions in Rally Yellow color, with or without the RS kit. And yet, what makes this Camaro so special? First, set your stripes with the inscription on the Transformers […]

Mercedes C200 CDI by Mcchip

Germans from Mcchip prepared an increase power for the Mercedes C200 CDI. Thus, for the sum of 579 euros, the diesel engine of 2.2 liters will rise to 34 HP and 80 Nm, from 136 HP and 270 Nm to 170 HP and 350 Nm. As a result, the maximum speed will be 219 km […]

Ford comes with the four-cylinder 230HP EcoBoost engine

Ford pull hard on the innovation and comes with EcoBoost engine of 2.0 liters, four cylinders and gear box with clutch double to six reports. New technology incorporated in EcoBoost propeller is said to reduce fuel consumption by 10-20%, improve power transmission to the wheels with 7-9%, that for an engine that apparently will not […]

Markuzzi ME 35 GT – Widebody for C Class

Aggression and sportsmanship. Exactly what you expect when read as a tuner installed a wide-body kit on a different model. And the sedan in front of the case is no exception … For start, meet the teacher Markuzzi and student Mercedes C350. “Disciple” was chosen with a new wide-body kit that contains a lot of […]