Ferrari is preparing 600 GTB

They didn’t launch well the 458 model and the Italians from Ferrari are preparing a new model: 600 GTB. Although information is lacking entirely in the moment, the site of the press release appeared Italian manufacturer price few moments a box with “Coming Soon”, which was written under the name […]

Switzer Performance P800 – Porsche beast

I always considered a Porsche 997 a fast car, but some apparently do not reach the 480 HP already. Largest Porsche took into account this opinion, launching such a powerful GT2. Looks like the 530 HP model you were still insufficient, and that only benefit car hauling back. American tuner […]

Chevrolet Cruz Bumblebee – inspired by Transformers

Chevrolet took advantage of the appearance in the movie Transformers and launched special edition Cruz Bumblebee. Well, except the right to make that car was one of the film Camaro, Chevy and the new project is a Cruz. What is the Bumblebee? A merger between designers and tuner Irmscher Chevrolet. […]

Top Gear – Ford Focus ST

The Top Gear team put the Ford Focus ST through its paces. Exciting auto footage from BBC Worldwide. Jeremy Clarkson presents a beautiful orange Ford Focus ST in its usual way. You should watch this amazing video to see J. Clarkson’s opinion about this powerful car and you will find […]

Mercedes G-Class with Carlsson 1/5 Evo UL rims

Designed for the heavy crosses roads Mercedes – G-Class can support enormous strengths. That’s why the engineers have created the Carlsson 1 / 5 Evo Ultra Light 22 inches rims. Although the name suggests we have to make some ultra-light wheels (up to 40% less than other lightweight wheels with […]

Porsche Cayenne Diesel by MTM

Following the example of rivals CarGraphic and TechArt, German tuner MTM has announced the launch of an upgrade package for the Porsche Cayenne Diesel. For those of huge Porsche, MTM has prepared a mix of “food” available for the version of the 3.0L V6 diesel, with 300 HP and 285 […]