Bentley Continental GT Birkin Edition by MTM

When you want an elegant and powerful coupe at the same time, choose Bentley Continental GT. When you want a quality tuning for your Continental, MTM choose. Thus it was the outcome of this case, Bentley Continental GT Birkin Edition by MTM. First add 90 horsepower, twin-engine turbo W12 now […]

Lamborghini Murcielago by Prindiville

Power and emotional issue. And if you want exclusivity, you have those from Prindiville Prestige. The UK revealed a new Lamborghini Murciélago as its characteristic style. Like the previous version presented in March, and the new Murciélago by Prindiville enjoying a body kit in carbon fiber. In addition, Italian supercar […]

Karvajal Designs ZX-1 or tuned Chevy Corvette

Corvette’s that “hides” behind this is as graceful blonde by Kavajal Designs and based on generation C6. On the outside, ZX-1 has received a number of elements that you make it European. We have here a new wide-body kit, LEDs, new rims and a custom exhaust. On the inside, your […]

BMW M3 “Darth Maul” Project by MWDesign

A relatively simple project with a name quite complicated. That has prepared MWDesign Canadian tuner. To be successful in winnings, they’ve took a BMW M3 E92 and they have give an evil look to it. On the outside, the coupe comes colored in German Jerez Black and praise with a […]

Ferrari F430 Calavera

When we do the link between skeletal and Italian supercar, we immediately think of Edo LP710 Christian Audigier. But not only the French have a passion for skeletal, and also the Germans. Also an italian supercar, Ferrari F430 this time. First, we note that F430 Calavera – as the name […]