Month: December 2008

McLaren is ready to offer F1 successor

McLaren has now P11 and P12. First one will be released in 2010 and then settle in the so-called small niche of supercars, something like Ferrari F430. McLaren will be easier and more compact. While British journalists promise that P11 will be equipped with 550 hp V8, in other words, if prices is equal to […]

Zenvo ST1 Made in Denmark

Zenvo ST1 is a new supercar that exceeds the threshold of 1,000 horsepower. A Danish supercar, to be more specific. Specifications are: turbocharged V8 engine / supercharged, manual transmission with 6 steps, HP 1104 at 1430 Nm and just 1.376 kg. Performances are downright impressive: accelerates from 0 to 100 km / h in just […]

Top 3 Volkswagen Scirocco Tuning

The list of companies that have changed the new Volkswagen Scirocco grows day by day, so we’ve decided to show you 3 of our favorites. No.3 Volkswagen Scirocco by MCCHIP German tuner has prepared a “medium” package for Scirocco 2.0 TSI which contains a new software and an exhaust system, turbo engine of 2.0 liters […]

Aston Martin Rapide First Official Photos

Aston Martin has unveiled the first official photos with the new Rapide, a super-sedan that will compete with models like Porsche Panamera or Lamborghini Estoque. Unfortunately, the British manufacturer did not provide further details but we’ve found that the new speed will be powered by a V12 engine of 6.0 liters that develops 500 horsepower. […]

Black Hummer H2 SUT

How is the best Hummer? Painted in black, right? And if it is a black mat, it’s better. But the Hummer H2 benefit of other changes, too, including grills and logos strut, rims of 24 inches, Toyo Open Country tires on 37-inch, dual exhaust, engine with new chip, Brembo braking system and custom interior. The […]

Maybach 72 – Maybach 62 is too short

A Maybach of 6.2 meters is too short? Or 4 seats are not enough? Nor anymore … solution was found: Maybach 72. This “work” comes with a length of approximately 7.2 meters and offers 6 seats. And it’s selling at a price of 599,000 Euros. Even if it’s in 2004 and has 800 km on […]

Porsche Cayenne GTS by Lumma Design

Porsche Cayenne GTS by Lumma Design at Essen Motor Show. Porsche Cayenne GTS by Lumma Design