Month: June 2008

VW Golf IV by Mattig

Mattig has really gone to work on the Golf IV, making sure the somewhat ‘greying’ compact vehicle is reborn with a much more sporty look. This has been made possible with the new Mattig body kit, which makes the Golf look fantastic. A number of accessories provide the perfect finishing touch. VW Golf IV by […]

RENNtech SLR McLaren 722 PKG2

This did take the title unite to believe that the number’722 ‘represents the total power developed V8 engine of 5.5 liters, while others believed that the car will be built only 722 units. But all of them were wrong. Actually, the name comes from the car Mille Miglia race in 1955, where Stirling Moss and […]

Lamborghini doors on that Es-ca-lade

So said the rapper 50 Cent in a video-or the while leading an Escalade with the doors open, of course up. But this time, the text does not match, because the car is a Mercedes-Benz GL. Kit LSD is offered by German tuner ART and likely will impress anyone. And not so kit itself, but […]

Cadillac CTS by D3 Research

The self-proclaimed leader in Cadillac Tuning, D3 Research, introduces an exterior styling package for the 2008 Cadillac CTS. With a side order of good ol’ American bling-bling, D3 focused on creating a look which projects style and performance while integrating into the natural design of the CTS. Starting with the stainless steel wire mesh grilles, […]

OZ Racing Ultraleggera Wheels

OZ proposes a new type of alloy rims which are inspired by Formula 1 technology. Named Ultraleggera, these wheels are easier with 40% than any other model, since now and it is available in 15, 16, 17, 18 and 19 inches dimensions. The price starts at € 145. It can offer amazing look to your […]

Mini R56 by ICC Tuning

External kit from ICC Tuning costs 1,030 euros, 270 euros less than if the items would be purchased separately. Bar girl cost 525 euros, 441 euros back and front body 331 euros. There are several options available: aileron-136 euro, 142-mask headlines euro. The company which distributes outdoor kit for Mini Cooper is RcSport. Mini R56 […]

Citroen C6 Dressed In Black

Full with an unidentified number of “black boxes“, tuners from Intersection have turn on the French Citroen C6 in a modern Darth Vader. We do not know much of black paint into a car, but we assumed … Citroen C6 Dressed In Black Many didn’t believe when they saw the finished product, saying that “donut” […]

Citroen C2 VTR Alien

Citroen bet on experience of British SQ Plus that built Alien Citroen C2 in 6 months. The rear bumper and side sills match with the rest of alien style. Xenon headlamps will illuminate every monster in its sight (a mother-in-law too). There are no mirrors and doorknobs – usual tuning move. Stock 16“ rims were […]

Spider NSF Golf 2 Concept

This is one machine that can be described in many words. Some will call it kitsch, the other one will brag. Some will deem a strange model, others on the contrary, a challenge. All are welcome qualifier and strengthens the principle which says that tastes not discuss. Spider NSF Golf 2 Concept On the basis […]

Maserati MC12 by Edo Competition

Edo MC12s grow by around 70 HP more than the standard model MC12, thanks to some modifications “borrowed” from one another supercar, the Ferrari FXX. Maserati MC12 by Edo Competition Power: 700 hp Accelerates: 0-100 km / h: 3.5s Top speed: 370 km / h The series car reaches 330 km / h, 20 km […]

Maserati Bellagio Fastback

The Bellagio Fastback Touring is a tribute to the fastest italian sports sedan. The Maserati Quattroporte is transformed in a sports fastback with rear hatch and a boot that takes 500 liters. The Bellagio Fastback Touring has dimensions and performance identical to the Quattroporte, and weighs only 50 kg more. Maserati Bellagio Fastback This makes […]

Chrome Ferrari 599 GTB

The Chrome Ferrari 599 GTB. An Saudi Arabian guy driving this chromed out Ferrari 599 GTB. Interesting idea, because I’ve always said that a Ferrari is beautiful only in red, but now… I have to reconsider my idea. Do you like it? Chrome Ferrari 599 GTB Chrome Ferrari 599 GTB